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Candice, walking like she owns the city.

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My whole world

My whole world

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When people generally think of Alzheimer’s they image an old person asking ” what’s my name “. What most people don’t know is that it’s not just memory that fades. Its muscle movements, eating, swallowing, even dressing. It’s not only forgetting loved ones but not being able to tell if you’re hungry or need to use the bathroom.

Moms health has been a downward spiral lately, and when I say lately I mean the past month. About a month ago I would see mom pretty often, she was in a nice nursing home and I was able to visit with her, take her out for a milkshake and drop her off after. We were able to walk around the mall and laugh ( although she wasn’t sure why we were laughing). Things weren’t great but for the situation it was ok.
Due to my father’s poor judgement
( which I will not go into detail because it’s ridiculous) my mom has been moved three times within a month. The first nursing home overdosed her on medication without a doctors or our families permission, this landed her in the hospital for 2 weeks.

She was held on the “mental” floor at the hospital. I was only allowed to see her from 2-4 and had to lock up all my items ( keys phone ect).
Mom was so sedated from the hospital trying to ween her off the other medication that she was only able to sit with an arch in her back. As my aunt talked with doctors and nurses I sat on the hospital bed holding mom in my arms with her head under my chin. She couldn’t speak but I think she knew it was me.

A few days later I saw her again in the hospital, locked all my belongings up as usual, waved to the other patients and sat with mom again. I was able to get her up walking but not for that long.
She’s been released from the mental unit and now lives in another nursing home ( which smells like a vet’s office) I see her about once a week, she can walk now but there’s no conversation.

I hold her arm and we walk up and down the hallways of the building, I talk about school, my brother, boyfriend and her dog Trampy. She smiles and giggles but never says anything back. I bring a sippy cup and help her drink as much fluid as I can.

My biggest fear is her passing from dehydration.

Each week I come back and walk with her, telling her about my day.
I would never wish this disease on anyone, not only does it effect the host but also the family and friends.
So what I’m trying it say is that people need to take a second look at Alzheimer’s disease, it’s not some cranky old person losing things. It’s a person that had a life, but now is as helpless as a child.

Miss you Mam

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scruba dub dub theres a kitty in the tub 


scruba dub dub theres a kitty in the tub 

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